Welcome to Escola Concept! Our team is inspired to serve in a group of 21st century Vanguard Schools that believes in educating world citizens to be thinkers with a focus on learning for understanding.  

Our community of learners, educators, families and staff are together committed to develop the whole child during their learning journey at our school.

At Concept, in our Lower and Middle Schools, we cultivate a nurturing academic experience that challenges and grows dynamic learners. A growth mindset and hands-on inquiry processes are promoted to cultivate critical thinking skills through Visible Thinking Routines. Our social-emotional learning is cultivated through character strengths using the 16 Habits of Mind.

The Concept School follows the Brazilian National Curriculum Guidelines and the Field Work Education International curriculum. The focus is shifted from teaching to learning. For that reason, the interests and passions of learners are at the center of their learning journeys. It is known that children learn better when their learning is meaningful, purposeful, relevant, and adds value to their experiences.

Our curriculum offers an interconnected educational experience where all subject areas are brought together through Project Based Learning, Challenge Based Learning, Phenomenon Based Learning, and the connection with the Arts (Studio Art, Music, Body & Movement, Digital Fluency, and Design).

A well orchestrated feedback cycle guides the learning journey. Families have access to:

  • Weekly Learning Journey, which depicts the standards, benchmarks, assessments, habits of mind, and push in thinking that will guide learning during the following week.
  • Feedback on Progress and Growth, which every three weeks offers individual standards based feedback on the child's progress towards learning.
  • Student Led Conferences, where every middle of the trimester, allows learners the opportunity to have an individual meeting with their educators to share about their learning journeys with their families using digitally created portfolios through Book Creator.
  • Trimester Festivals of Learning usually on the last Saturday of the trimester to celebrate the end of all projects and to offer families and community members the experience to actively participate in the journeys of learning.

The world is rapidly changing and education needs to keep up with these changes by adapting to its learners and the needs of society. We are preparing children and young adults for a future that does not yet exist. To achieve this goal we need to focus on the development of skills that will support learners to think, problem-solve, and seek new problems that have not been presented to them.

At Concept, we offer our learners access to an integrated educational approach that will prepare them to be critical and innovative world citizens who can identify challenges, think about solutions, make connections, and look beyond to seek additional opportunities.

Our four pillars of sustainability, digital fluency, entrepreneurship, and collaboration, support our dynamic curriculum that transcends our walls and places our learners in the role of responsible, active citizens who understand that their mission surpasses the artificial walls of the school. We are developing proactive doers, who are connected to their neighborhoods, communities, cities, and world. The pillars are brought to life through learning without walls experiences and relationships with the many less privileged communities that surround us.

At Concept School, we strive to provide a supportive environment that is committed to developing the unique abilities of every child.  We focus on what is best for our learners and foster an environment that encourages and embraces diversity, along with the social and emotional welfare of our students. 

Our team welcomes you to our school.

“Every school wants to educate your child to be somebody.
We educate your child to be himself/herself.”


A guided tour through the facilities allows you to learn how each space has been designed for educational activities in a practical and intuitive way.

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