Welcome to Escola Concept!  Having each of you in our school represents how we legitimize our educational role through your family's most precious asset: your child.

Our school represents a learning community and, above all, an environment of constructive coexistence that enhances the potentials of the childhood years through the development of individual talents, opportunities, skills and the collective knowledge of the group.

At Escola CONCEPT, each child is unique, his/her own developmental trajectory is valued, along with his/her essence and powerful story that engages and enhances our own. One of the greatest privileges in this journey is to be able to engage in these processes through a culture where understanding is the greatest premise for learning.

Escola Concept is an innovative school that offers dynamic pathways to develop creative thinking and learning. Through the pillars of sustainability, digital fluency, collaboration, and entrepreneurship, each child undertakes his/her own individual and collective project, to experience and expand the multiple languages of learning that are safely welcomed in the intentional, flexible learning spaces that support thinking.

Our space welcomes the unique personalities of each child. Our educators are consistently  engaged in reflective and thought-provoking professional development to further  develop their protoganism, talents and potentials in our child-centered learning environment.

We understand that Early Childhood Education represents a period in the child's life where multiple connections are being made along with synaptic expansions, which will generate decisive moral and intellectual gains. For this reason, our team values the focus on developing a culture of thinking and the visibility its investigative paths bring to the learning space.

Our focus on cognitive relevance and meaningful opportunities are respected for every child to enhance his/her full potential. Our practices are rooted in play, relationships, multi-sensorial experiences, a deep contact with nature, and a personalized approach to the learning process. Research shows that these five practices are fundamental to support children in making sense of their world, develop, form, and explore friendships, and shape their ideas at an intellectual, social, emotional, and ethical perspective.

Interacting with young children is both exciting and inspiring! Having families engage with the school in this partnership is fundamental for the success of all those involved. Our families and learners receive weekly feedback reports that support communication and bring clarity and purpose to the relationships that are being cultivated at home. Every three weeks individual feedback reports share how the child is progressing in his/her development and every six weeks, your child is ready to guide our Student Led Conference, in which he/she shares his/her personal digital portfolio made through Book Creator.

Pedagogical documentations guide our daily practice to support all aspects of learning with an emphasis on critical-thinking and metacognition.

Our learning environment transcends our walls and our school, community, and city, become spaces of learning, discovery, exploration, and growth.

Each of our experiences are supported by active listening and the Habits of Mind, which offer moral guidelines for children to coexist and develop attitudes such as persistence, impulsivity management, and understanding and empathic listening.

Most importantly, children are surrounded at all times by an environment of love, respect, care, and joy. Our main goal is cultivate joyful children who are passionate individuals who love coming to school and being a part of our community.

Join us in this journey of creativity and innovation!

Early Childhood Team


A guided tour through the facilities allows you to learn how each space has been designed for educational activities in a practical and intuitive way.

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