The question that continues to fascinate me about education is how can schools make the learning visible? How can the walls tell the story of learning?

I invite you to think about a scoring rubric with indicators. The highest mark on this rubric is Exemplifying the Expectation and the lowest mark is Developing the Expectation. Now, consider that the next level up, after Developing the Expectation, is Approaching the Expectation, followed by Meeting the Expectation, and then reaching our highest level of performance, which is Exemplifying the Expectation. Please place that information aside for a brief moment (we will use it soon).

 All of you have been to schools and walked the learning spaces… how would you rate your child’s previous school or the last school you visited? When considering this exercise, it is imperative that you take into consideration student learning… not beautiful purchased posters or purchased decorations, I am challenging you to consider ONLY evidence of student thinking, development of ideas, Visible Thinking Routines, Essential Questions, Learning Outcomes, and Habits of Mind. Take thirty seconds and record your score. Now think about Escola Concept….

 As the Head of Escola Concept São Paulo, I would say we are Meeting the Expectation on the rubric. We have not Exemplified the Expectation yet, as we are in the process of gathering evidence, collecting data, and documenting the thought processes of your children, but our walls are most definitely telling our powerful stories of learning. The purpose of this exercise is to share that our proof points of learning are not only being documented in the minds of your children, but they are visible on our walls… our walls are describing our journey and telling our story of learning… “Oh the places we’ll go.” There is no tool more powerful to a school than to have the story of learning documented in its spaces.

 As we bring closure to week three the overall impression is that in some aspects it feels like we have been operating for months and it looks like students are happy and acclimated to their learning environment. Each day we look into offering you the true Concept experience in relation to all of our areas of service; safety, learning, and communication. Growth is being made daily to the arrival and dismissal procedures to ensure these moments are as smooth as possible for all those involved, students are enthusiastic and learning, you are consistently informed and fully aware of your child’s learning experience through our Weekly Learning Journey (sent home via e-mail at the end of each week), new spaces are being finalized for our community’s further enjoyment, and our after school activities are up, running, and have proven to be an extension of the learning that takes place during the school day. Most importantly, this week comes to an end with all of us being humbled and honored to share the opportunity to make a difference in the education of your children.

 We thank you for the continued trust, partnership, and support.

 Escola Concept is honored to welcome you and your family to our community.

 With Appreciation,
Priscila Torres
Head of School