Toddlers 2 need your help to collect and bring objects to be reused for a new playground.

Have you heard about "eco parks"? They are playgrounds built with reused materials, mainly domestic objects, that gain a new meaning when displayed in a way children can explore and play with them.

The three Toddlers 2 groups are leading the initiative of building an eco park and asking the whole community to engage and bring the following used objects by Friday, March 29:

  •     PET bottle caps
  •     Buttons
  •     Stoppers
  •     Pans, sifters, wooden spoons and other kitchen items
  •     Brushes, hair curlers and other hair items
  •     Tires
  •     PVC pipes
  •     CDs
  •     Fabric reels, threads and yarns
  •     Patchwork
  •     Keys
  •     Frame frames
  •     Eyeglass frames
  •     Construction waste such as sponges, screws, lozenges, tiles, hardware, woods
  •     Egg trays, Glass Pots, Bottles
  •     Medical instruments (which are risk free)
  •     Phones, keyboards and mouses

Please take the objects to room 10 (art room) on ground floor or leave items on the reception if needed.