We are thrilled to have Fred Azevedo join the Concept School community as our new Head of School. Fred joins us after most recently serving as an educational consultant at Geekie, in São Paulo. We caught up with Fred to learn more about his background, family, what drew him to Concept, and what he looks forward to in Ribeirão!

First, two truths and a lie! Tell us two true facts about you, and one lie.
- I am a Corinthians fan.
- Lived in three different countries in many cities.
- I ran 42 km in a marathon last year.  
See the answer at the end!

Tell us about your background…
I have a bachelor's degree in Accounting, University of Brasilia (UnB), a Bachelor of Education, University of Windsor in Canada, a degree in Mathematics, Catholic University, Brasilia and a Master's degree, State University of New York (SUNY). I also furthered my education through several certifications in universities in Brazil and abroad. We can never stop studying, right?

We are curious to learn more about your trajectory in education...
I started teaching when I was 17, first as an English as a second language teacher and later I went into teaching Science, Math, Physics and Chemistry. I have been in education for over 20 years and have occupied various different roles in schools, to include  teacher, coordinator, principal, head of school and educational consultant. I have had the opportunity to work in schools in Canada and in Brasília where I worked at School of the Nations (international bilingual school) and Colégio Serios. As a Consultant, I visited more than 50 schools in Brazil training leaders and teachers. I also experienced organizing visits to schools abroad. As you can see, education is my passion.

Why Escola Concept?
I can give any possible cliché response, but the truth is that the world is changing at a very fast pace, and schools need to focus on preparing learners for the unknown. I trust that most of you have heard of the term VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous). We live in a VUCA society. With the quick and steady pace of evolution, learners need to be able to apply their understandings to whatever career path they choose. To keep up with this dynamic and  fast changing world, Escola Concept engages children in learning the meaning of learning through thinking dispositions, the development of understandings, and the focus on Habits of Mind. This is the only way to prepare learners for opportunities in the future, that don't exist today. Instead of waiting for other schools to guide the way to the future of education, Escola Concept is leading the way… I want to be part of this journey.

Tell us about your first days. What struck you the most about Concept and what are you most looking forward to?
I was struck by just how welcoming everyone was at the School. I could immediately tell how dedicated, interested, and engaged the faculty and staff are – this truly caught my attention in a very positive way! It was also very clear  that the school valued its mission and the mission is what drives how Concept focuses on teaching and learning.
I had productive one on one meetings and full group meetings with teachers and staff to talk about how we will work together as co-leaders of the school this year. I very much enjoyed the student assemblies and the Concept Experience Night, where I spoke with learners and their families. I am really happy to be a part of a place where learning happens day in and day out!

What about Ribeirão, are you enjoying the city? Tell us about something that sparked your curiosity about the city.
It is a beautiful city, my family and I are really happy with Ribeirão Preto and what it has to offer. I lived in Brasíilia for the the past 17 years and initially I was a bit concerned about moving to a smaller city, but the adaptation process has been very smooth. A curiosity I will share about Ribeirão is that I am learning that when I ask someone about a specific location and they answer that the place is far, it means that it is only about 10 minutes away!

Tell us a bit more about your family, and what you like to do for fun!
I am married to Clara and have two beautiful girls, Ana Julia, 8 years old and Maria Luiza, 6 years old. My whole family came with me to Ribeirão and my daughters are attending Concept. I love to run and watch sports, but nowadays what I really like to do is to spend time with my family and to travel with them.


Finally, the answer:
Psst...this one gives away that in Fred's “two truths and a lie,” the first statement re: the Corinthians was clearly the fib - Fred is a rabid Internacional de Porto Alegre fan!