Escola CONCEPT is a Brazilian international bilingual school which inspires learners through innovative and creative practices.

CONCEPT is a Toddlers 1 to Grade 9 project based learning day school, where the learning journey is the most important and valued element of the teaching and learning process. Located in three culturally diverse cities – São Paulo, Salvador, and Ribeirão Preto - with plans of soon opening in the Silicon Valley, Escola CONCEPT strives to promote inspiring, relevant, and transformative educational experiences through the empowerment of learners to follow their dreams through meaningful and purposeful connections. A culture of thinking is promoted through the use of Visible Thinking Routines and instilling in students the value of questioning, seeking problems, and designing solutions. Learning is made whole through Service, Arts (Body and Movement, Visual Arts, Performing Arts), Mindful Practices, and the 16 Habits of Mind, which integrate as a foundation of the social emotional curriculum.

The full CONCEPT experience becomes complete through the relevant connection and integration of social awareness and action oriented approaches into the projects.



Sparking curiosity through intentionality, relevance, purpose and meaningful connections for the betterment of our world.



A guided tour through the facilities allows you to learn how each space has been designed for educational activities in a practical and intuitive way.

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