It is with great inspiration and honor that I write to you to celebrate a new beginning, the beginning of a journey,  "Oh the places we'll go..."

Dr. Seuss, once wrote, "Congratulations! Today is your day. You're off to Great Places! You're off and away!" His words capture the essence of what our Concept learners experience as they embark on the journey with our Concept Team… an unforgettable journey of learning. Our team is fully engaged and committed to  this journey to ensure nothing less than what education is meant to be, memorable!

Curiosity, possibilities, imagination, and enthusiasm, will guide each child's exploration to thinking critically and engaging with meaningful learning opportunities, the foundation for building true understanding.Along this journey we explore the questions about your child's education and how we support the demands of a fast changing world to lead the development of all children as  happy, curious, caring, and open-minded individuals. We believe in every child's potential and we will continue to enhance this potential through each learning experience… as Dr. Seuss reminds us:

Priscila Torres
Head of School Concept São Paulo

Kid you'll move mountains! You're off to great places. Today is your day…
your mountain is waiting. So… get on your way!

Let's get on the way to learning, exploration, and joy! We are committed to transforming education. Your partnership is essential so that we can make a difference. "One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world," when Malala shared this quote, she was referring to the power of an individual, imagine what a whole school can do, imagine what a whole educational group, with over 50 years of experience can do.

The SEB Group, our educators, and myself, officially welcome you to this journey!

All aboard!


Escola Concept, São Paulo, located in one of the most prominent areas of the city of São Paulo in the Jardim Europa neighborhood, is the definition of what education reinvented looks like. For sixty years, a religious school occupied the historic building, which has been entirely preserved on the outside, while the inside has been transformed to translate what innovation concretely looks like.

The learning spaces are made up of flexible furnishings that can adapt to any learning purpose and setting. Tables and some walls can be written on, as they are made from erasable material, walls are retractable, collaborative group work stations are a part of the learning space, as are technology tools, such as interactive screens, 1:1 iPads, puffs, multi purpose cubes, pillows, rugs, and learning displayed on the walls, in the halls, on the floor and throughout all spaces around campus.

The old chapel gave way to the newly renovated auditorium that mixes the traditional architecture and vaulted windows with the contemporary furnishings. Colorful chairs of different shapes, sizes, and patterns, occupy the space to celebrate the diversity that exists among our learners!

Sustainable materials were used to renovate the gardens that sprawl over 5000 square meters where native species, such as Pau-Brasil, inhabit the area in our own botanical garden. Among the favorite spaces for our learners are the Treehouse, the Innovation Commons (Maker Space), the skate park and the parkour space.




Welcome to Concept Ribeirão Preto!

Escola Concept School opened its doors to the Ribeirão Preto community in 2017 as part of the SEB Group of Education, a family owned educational group with more than 50 years of experience in the Latin American market.

Escola Concept Ribeirão Preto is part of the most innovative family of schools in the SEB Group's portfolio. At Escola Concept, learners are brought to the center of the learning process as active doers and architects of their learning experiences.

Escola Concept is a bilingual school that teaches children how to think critically and creatively, while also incorporating Habits of Mind to their daily routines. The curricular experiences are woven together through the principles of Project Based Learning, Challenge Based Learning, and Phenomenon Based Learning. Subject areas are integrated to develop an environment where learning becomes a consequence of thinking.  

Monica Azevedo
Head of School Concept Ribeirão Preto

Strong feedback processes guide the learning experience through weekly reports, individual feedback reports every three weeks, student led conferences every six weeks, and school wide celebrations of learning at the end of every trimester. We believe in strong partnerships between the school and your home, therefore families are actively engaged with their children's learning through our communications, events, and Parent Educational Learning Community, which brings families together to discuss an article related to educational trends and current topics that are present in our community.  

At Escola Concept, we develop and assess the whole child through our focus on social emotional learning, cognitive standards, the integration of Arts, the culture of Design Thinking, and the connection to the outside world beyond the artificial walls of our school. Through all of these connections, multiple skills and competences are developed to better equip our learners for a world that is constantly changing.

Our world-class educators bring the joy of learning and passion for discovery to life through their involvement with our community. We are a true community of learners where educators engage in multiple hours of professional development every week, along with many hours of shared planning and collaboration.

The Escola Concept mission is clear: to spark curiosity through intentionality, relevance, purpose and meaningful connections for the betterment of our world. Our learners are a reflection of our mission. Our community is a reflection of our learners.

It is our pleasure to welcome you to our school!


At Escola Concept the learning spaces are closely connected to the learning process. The transdisciplinary spaces bring a new insight to learning. The architectural project of Escola Concept Ribeirão Preto, supports the interwoven interactions and integrations of learning with the environment.

In Ribeirão, the physical space and the digital world are closely connected in this new approach to developing learning. Play oriented spaces, technology, and hands on tools allow our learners to explore new discoveries, along with the stimulus of creativity. The learning experience is unique starting with the furniture, which guarantees greater collaboration and flexibility among learners.




Education is the future.

When we meet our alumni, we learn what direction their lives have taken, and this, has made me reflect and question how we prepare a new generation for an uncertain future.

I recently received a message from one of my former students who confirmed everything I believe education needs to be, "... I'm writing to you because yesterday I saw several posts about your travels around the world, researching the best educational models. I found your posts incredible! I became an engineer and never had a leadership class or a people management class in college. The university taught me to be a calculator and not a leader. How can this be? Today I see my generation frustrated with the choices they have made, in which many had their abilities hindered by archaic teaching models. In companies, people are required to exercise creativity and to think outside the box, but these same people have been taught, since childhood, that arts, music, sports, and philosophy are not as important.

Nadja Valente
Head of School Concept Salvador

I believe in a school that teaches you to learn and allows you to create, innovate, invent, undertake, and above all, reflect on the best way to live in society. From your experience, does this make sense? What have you seen out there that matches what I am expressing?"

Preparing children and young adults for an ever changing and innovative reality has become more than a profession, it is my personal mission. Almost three years ago I had the privilege of being invited by the SEB Group, an educational Group with over 50 years of experience, to lead this innovative and inspiring project: Escola Concept Salvador.

Since I was very young, education has been an ongoing  passion. My greatest joy was to teach young children and adults to read and write in my father's farm. It has been a true gift to participate in the construction of a school that understands and respects that each student is unique and has interests and learning styles that are  different, therefore, the "one size fits all model no longer works".

According to the National Research Council, the much "sought-after learning" is related to the ability to apply what has been learned to new situations, what scholars have called "knowledge transfer." This means that it is not enough for a student to learn mathematical concepts; he must be able to apply what he has learned to his life. This ability to transfer what is known, whether in real life circumstances or by sharing knowledge with others, helps students develop skills for the 21st century.

We need a school that develops skills and competences in the three major domains of learning:


  • Cognitive: related to what we may consider more traditional learning. It involves strategies and processes of learning, creativity, memory, and critical thinking.
  • Intrapersonal: the ability to deal with emotions and shape behaviors to achieve goals.
  • Interpersonal: the ability to express ideas and to interpret and respond to the stimuli of other people.

After visiting world renown schools, engaging in conversations with talented educational leaders, and reflecting on what I experienced, I can clearly understand that traditional schools are becoming more rare. Schools that were shaped in the industrial age, with lined portfolios, and teacher-centered classrooms where teachers held all the knowledge, are nearly extinct in many regions of the world.

The world changed, learners changed ... and these new learners were the ones who inspired a new school: hence why Escola Concept was born. Escola Concept is a bilingual, innovative school, where learning is integrated into relevant projects and experiences. At Escola Concept, the whole child is developed and assessed through our focus on social emotional learning, cognitive standards, the integration of Arts, the culture of Design Thinking, and the connection to the outside world beyond the artificial walls of our school.

I am very proud to be part of an educational group that invests in change and provides our country with  a new inspiration that will certainly leave a legacy: transforming education to transform our world.



The Salvador campus was planned with a focus on sustainability. This focus began in the planning stages, with the choice of location, the Piatã neighborhood, in the midst of an extensive preserved forest area. The sustainable aspect of the building is translated into many features, one of them being the natural lighting that permeates all levels, including the ground floor.

The learning spaces have flexible furnishings, retractable walls, and modern spaces that give students diverse opportunities for learning and collaboration. The architectural design was developed to integrate the physical building with digital tools. Salvador's campus is known for its Sensorial Wall, the Fun Room, its DIgital Gallery, and the Videowall. Technology resources are used to support teaching and learning in meaningful and purposeful ways.

A guided tour through the facilities allows you to learn how each space has been designed for educational activities in a practical and intuitive way.

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