Welcome to Escola Concept, a dynamic and vibrant community where learning is all about authentic and meaningful investigations.

Escola Concept is a happy place, where we cultivate joy in an environment marked by kindness. Our motto is to nurture confidence in each child and to motivate our learners to learn through relevant and meaningful connections.

Escola Concept learners are stimulated to be curious individuals, to ask questions, and seek problems to solve. We inspire our children to further develop their knowledge, understanding, and skill set through the design thinking process.

We grow students into inquisitive thinkers by supporting them to define problems, pose hypotheses, make close observations, gather data, explore possible solutions, experiment and reach conclusions. Through this process children learn that failure is  part of learning and an important component of the pathway to success.

The beauty of the Escola Concept community is that everyone is committed to help instill the love of learning and the joy of life into our children's lives! School must be an exhilarating occasion and this is inspired by nurturing confidence, while motivating each child to learn.

We meet learners where they are in their learning journeys to help each of them achieve success at the level and pace that's right for them.

Through intellectually stimulating content, exceptionally creative and enthusiastic educators involve learners in the learning process to inspire and motivate them to learn, create, experiment, and take risks.

Learning is a special occasion, we make this statement come to life every day!


Join us in this journey!



A guided tour through the facilities allows you to learn how each space has been designed for educational activities in a practical and intuitive way.

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